Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Meet Jordy! Jordy is my litter mate, my brother! His story is sad, breaks my aire heart. He had an 'owner' and this so called 'owner' was threatening to shoot him!! Whew, that was hard to spit out. I don't see how anyone would want to shoot a handsome, fun loving, silly airedale puppy! Once again it was the Okmulgee Humane Society that saved the day, thank goodness for those kind folks.

This is our first get together. I wasn't quite sure what to think. I jumped and pulled my mom as soon as I saw him, but once I got to him.....I kinda snubbed him. Hmm, don't know what that was all about but that's what happened, I won't lie. Jordy was very excited and kept wanting to jump at me. By the way, that's me with the red leash.

We really got along quite well. We walked around a pond, both minding our own business.

Jordy is now in the sweet hands of Oklahoma Airedale Rescue, just like I was. And this is Frances of OK Airedale Rescue. She and my mom are friends now. Frances bought all kinds of snacks with her....yummmm! Boy did that get our attention. If any of you are ready to adopt an airedale puppy or know of someone who does, Jordy, my brother, will make someone a wonderful companion.....I know that for a fact if he is anything like me :) He/we are 11 months old. He's up for adoption and I hope he finds a wonderful furever home soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tis the season you know! Oh how I love football! I mean afterall, I was named after a Notre Dame player :)

Ohhhhh nooooooooo.......fumble!! Can't say I hate when that happens, to me it adds more fun to the game. I get to chase that ball down yet again!

I'm really working the ball. Beginning to wonder how many I'm gonna go through this season.

Lookie.....a camera down low...I feel like I'm in the puppy bowl! Oh that would be a blast.

What's your favorite sport?