Saturday, May 21, 2011

He Ain't Heavy ...........

He's my brother!!

Yep, we adopted the little fella. Mom and dad couldn't resist his cuteness. And I've decided he's pretty fun to have around. Look, he even resembles me :)

Mom keeps telling me what a good big brother I am. I've been very patient with him and I'm trying to teach him all the ropes. Sometimes we just hang in the backyard.

Here I'm showing him how to find and play with squirrels. Course when he's big I don't know that I want that competition, will see what happens I suppose.

Ramsey's favorite place to play is under our boy's slide. He makes me laugh because he's always trying to mimic me. I show my big teeth and he shows his tiny teeth.

My favorite game is running around the yard with a toy and having him chase me. He's pretty fast but I'm faster and I'm sneakier!

Tug is fun too but sometimes I get yelled at. Mom says I get too excited and carried away and I, by accident, fling little Ramsey into the air and into furniture....oops! Usually I'm gentle but sometimes I forget and shake my head a bit too hard. But it doesn't seem to bother my brother, he comes right back for more.

What in the world did I do before Ramsey came into my life?? I'm sure happy he's my brother.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Was Mom Thinking ? !

Sorry I've been absent so long. Just really haven't had anything to write about, but now I do. Mom has become a volunteer with OK Airedale Rescue. She was always going to the kennel and letting Lilly & Crockett out to play. Well last Thursday someone dropped off an 8 WEEK old airedale pup at an agriculture store saying they didn't want him. Mom immediately jumped up saying she'd foster him!! WHAT?! So last Thursday Ramsey started living with us. I immediately gave him kisses.

I thought he'd be like a stuffie :) I was a bit wrong, this stuffie has shark like teeth....yikes!! So I'm showing him how BIG my pointy white teeth are. Think I scared him for one millisecond.

He has a really sweet looking face, but don't let that fool you. I have to watch him every second and when I want to scold him, he just looks up at me with those puppy eyes. What's a big guy like me to do?

Mom keeps telling me I'm a good boy but I shouldn't be so rough. Hmmm, what does she mean by that I wonder? I'm just playing, afterall, I'm still a puppy myself at 18 months. She says I don't realize how big and strong I am. So is she complimenting me, saying I'm big and strong?

Just look at how patient I can be with this rambunctious pup as he bites(with those shark teeth mind you) my lip!!

Molly girl on the other hand has no patience with Ramsey. She is a crabby old lady at the age of 15 1/2 and wants none of his nonsense. Those two go after it all the time and I grab a toy and try to break it up. Molly only likes him when he is asleep. had Frances put Ramsey on Petfinder. I hope someone adopts him soon because the longer he stays here the more in love I'll be with that little guy. I know mom is already very attached to him and cried when she put his pictures on Petfinder. He's a cute little guy who has rocked my world.