Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa~

Dear Santa, I've been a good boy this year.... well accept when I chewed up my boy's shoe....and maybe when I destroyed dad's new scout shirt(he never even got to wear it, oops). Oh yea, and then when mom put up this big tree she called a Christmas tree, well I had to try it, you know it was sooo tempting. I only chewed up part of one branch before realizing it wasn't very tasty. And I only stole one ornament;) See Santa, I've really really tried being good and for a newly adopted puppy, I think I've been terrific!! So, let's get to my wish list~~~ I would love a new football. You can see below Santa why I need a new one.

I was so proud of my destructive nature and had a huge smile on my face. I didn't realize then that I'd be sad later when there was no football to play with.

My second item would be another kong wubba. Oh my goodness friends, if you've never played with one you don't know what you're missing! They are SO fun!! You fling your head back and forth real hard and it flops around and hits you, ha! Mom took a video but can't get it to load, darn. You can kinda see in this picture.

Thank you Santa.
Love, Rudy

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rough Day

This my friends is Brody, my wirefox brother I never got to meet. Brody crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past May 27th. He was 13 1/2 years old. Mom says he was a clown and an awesome dog, she called him her shadow because he followed her everywhere. She's been sad the past couple of days because tomorrow, Nov 28th is Brody's birthday. I know she still misses him bunches because she calls me Brody sometimes. I answer, I don't mind. She loves me bunches too! I just hope mom doesn't stay sad for too many more days, it makes me sad.

Brody loved the water and playing with my boy. Those two had grand times together. But now~~my boy has ME!!
Happy Birthday Brody. I know you are celebrating in a grand way over the bridge. We love and miss you.

On a much much happier note~~I went walking with my real brother Jordy today and a 5 month old pup named Darcy. It was so much fun. Below is a picture of those beautiful pups. Jordy leaves tomorrow for Amarillo, TX to live in a foster home. So happy he'll be out of that kennel. And Miss Darcy leaves tomorrow for her furever home in Vegas! Best wishes to you both! May you both have a very long and happy life! xoxo


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Guess what~~I'm ONE! I celebrated my first birthday with mom, dad, my boy and furry sister Molly.

Oh my, how embarrassing!! Can you believe that goofy hat mom made me wear?? I wasn't enjoying that part of the celebration very much. I kept trying to get that darn thing off my head so dad stepped in and took a hold of my collar so mom could get some "cute" pictures.

And take a look at all these special birthday treats!! Oh yum yum yummy!!! For that I guess that hat was worth it. And not to worry, mom didn't let me eat all that in one day. Mom said these treats are from a dog bakery here in town and I'm so hoping she makes frequent trips there from now on.

Then we went outside and played with a new toy. I LOVE that toy, it is so cool. I think it's pretty Rudy proof too ;)

I really need to learn to sit still so dad doesn't have to hang on, that is pretty silly of me.......but I was just so excited and wanted to just chow that deliciousness before me.
Thanks mom, dad and boy. The past 3 months have been the best months of my life. I always wished for a birthday celebration like this.
Oh and happy birthday Noah. Noah, from the blog Noah's Bark has the same birthday as me, November 15th!
Love and kisses,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Meet Jordy! Jordy is my litter mate, my brother! His story is sad, breaks my aire heart. He had an 'owner' and this so called 'owner' was threatening to shoot him!! Whew, that was hard to spit out. I don't see how anyone would want to shoot a handsome, fun loving, silly airedale puppy! Once again it was the Okmulgee Humane Society that saved the day, thank goodness for those kind folks.

This is our first get together. I wasn't quite sure what to think. I jumped and pulled my mom as soon as I saw him, but once I got to him.....I kinda snubbed him. Hmm, don't know what that was all about but that's what happened, I won't lie. Jordy was very excited and kept wanting to jump at me. By the way, that's me with the red leash.

We really got along quite well. We walked around a pond, both minding our own business.

Jordy is now in the sweet hands of Oklahoma Airedale Rescue, just like I was. And this is Frances of OK Airedale Rescue. She and my mom are friends now. Frances bought all kinds of snacks with her....yummmm! Boy did that get our attention. If any of you are ready to adopt an airedale puppy or know of someone who does, Jordy, my brother, will make someone a wonderful companion.....I know that for a fact if he is anything like me :) He/we are 11 months old. He's up for adoption and I hope he finds a wonderful furever home soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tis the season you know! Oh how I love football! I mean afterall, I was named after a Notre Dame player :)

Ohhhhh nooooooooo.......fumble!! Can't say I hate when that happens, to me it adds more fun to the game. I get to chase that ball down yet again!

I'm really working the ball. Beginning to wonder how many I'm gonna go through this season.

Lookie.....a camera down low...I feel like I'm in the puppy bowl! Oh that would be a blast.

What's your favorite sport?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lovin' Life!

I don't really have much to say today, just want you all to know how much I LOVE my life. I've been in my furever home for 7 weeks now and it's been the best thing ever. I'll just show my happiness in pictures......I have a lap to crawl up on

A boy to take walks with....

a backyard to run in....

a sister to hang out with......

and favorite toys to take to bed with me......ahhhh life is grand!

Friday, September 10, 2010

You say it's your birthday....

Today, September 10, is my wirefox sister's 15th birthday!! Did you hear that?.. 15 years old. She has truly had a blessed life.

Happy Birthday Molly! I love you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh me Oh my!

My mom LOVES shoes! She has oh, I don't know how many pair but it's so many they all don't fit in her closet. They come in all colors and flavors...ummm...I mean styles. Well, guess who also has a love for shoes? It'd be ME!!
I don't care if the shoe is on someone's foot

or if I meander over to the smorgasboard of shoes and pull out a favorite, like this nice worn one. Hmm, must be one of mom's favorite's too

One day mom came home from an outting and found this fine collection of shoes on her bed....haha. I was rather impressed with the collection myself. None of them even had slobber on them!

I've never totally destroyed any shoe~~~~yet. The most damage done has been a shoelace sawed in half. But of all the shoes I've tried, I think these Kamiks are my most favorite. You tug and pull on the straps and they make this loud rrrrip sound. I LOVE IT! Oh mama, I'm so sorry, but I don't think this fascination with shoes is gonna end any time soon.
Love, Rudy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Friends, I feel like I'm on top of the world!! I have learned to play and let me tell you, it's the best! I play with my mom/dad/boy and even my furry wirehair sister, who if you recall I thought was a wicked step sister. She's not, just old, 15 years old. But she still plays with me and lets me know when she's had enough..haha. I haven't learned yet tho when she says no more, she means it. Mom says we have big smiles on our faces when we are chasing each other around. I'm a bit clumsy tho with my big big feet. Any of you have that problem? But I amaze myself at how gentle I can be with them when pawing at Molly. I certainly don't want to crush her or anything! That would be just...oh, don't even want to think about that! Mom says I have the cutest play bow and play bark and that I shake my head like Stevie Wonder, who ever that is. I know before long me and Molly are gonna be best buds and I'm gonna love it.

I'm so happy in my furever home..look at that smile I have!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Such a Tease!

I spy a sku-a-whirl!! Oh yea, I'm gonna get me this one. I have that feeling. I know it's my lucky day!

Okay, he's laying low......he thinks he is hiding but I'm too good....I can spot him!

I know I saw that darn, pesky, chattering, fuzzy tailed squirrel here. I know I did!

"MOM! Make them stop!"

Those darn squirrels, I know they are laughing at me!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Have a Boy!

My boy's name is Logan and he's 10 years old. Everyone is so excited for me. Can't wait til I realize how lucky I am. Can't wait til I run and play with Logan. Can't wait til I jump on his bed and sleep with him(hmm wonder if there'll be enough room in that twin bed for him). Can't wait to go on adventures with him. I just can't wait to be as excited about having a boy as you all are for me :) Oh timidness please go away sooooon!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Name

I have a name and it's Rudy. It wasn't always Rudy, nope, I've been called a variety of names. That nice vet in Henryetta that saw me at my worst and cleaned me up called me "Rusty", that's what the papers say anyway. Then a sweet woman from OK Airedale Rescue picked me up from the vet and named me Henry, cuz well, she picked me up from Henryetta. So I went by Henry for several weeks. Then I got adopted, how exciting is that? My dad,mom and the boy thought carefully about the perfect name for me. At first they thought Hershey. I'll admit, I am as SWEET as a chocolate bar, but I'm no Hershey. So then Lincoln came to mind because my pretty brown/copper fur is the color of a Lincoln penny and I'm mighty tall and lean just like Lincoln was. But that name was just too serious for a boy like me. Next came Sully. I kinda liked that one, I could relate...the family was thinking of that big blue monster on Monster's Inc. He wasn't scary, he was big and lovable and wanted to make people happy. But Rudy was the winning name. There were several reasons for this: #1 did you know my mom & dad are from way up north, a state called Indiana
#2 my dad was born/raised in South Bend and huge fan of Notre Dame #3 the movie Rudy. I, like Notre Dame Rudy, have beat many obstacles in life. We both overcame the odds. He had dyslexia, I was homeless. He was one of 14 kids, I was one of 12. We both made a 'team'. I'm so happy mom and dad put so much thought into my name. I can hear them cheering RU-DY RU-DY RU-DY, and it's for me!! They're proud of me for me. They love me for me. I will wear that name proudly :)
Thanks mom, dad and boy...
Oh this rambling was way too serious for me. I don't like getting all teary eyed and choked up. I promise the next one will be fun!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home sweet home ?

Wow, what a ride this 8 months has been! I am 8 months old and have been through more than most old dogs have been, majority of it wasn't very good. But now, I have an owner! No, it's not written under my paw, I just know. I've been a very good boy they keep telling me. I'm just a big scaredy cat... there are so many noises, movements, things to get use to inside a home! I tell ya what, when the air conditioner kicks, oh my word....I jump out of my skin and run for the crate! Then I went nosing around and there was something they called the fireplace...well, it has a big airedale inside....yep, saw it with own eyes...and you guessed it, I jumped off the ground and ran. There is air shooting out of the ground in same places and that kinda freaks me out too. But on the other hand, home is nice. I get petted and told I'm pretty. I get fed real dog food and treats. Mom told me I'm very smart because I've already learned to sit and stay for meals and treats :) yay for me. The scariest thing in my home is my wicked furry step-sister. She is tiny but fierce, just look at her! She's the one with white fur, I'm the big handsome one with brown/black fur. But....even with these drawbacks, I think I love it here!