Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Mom thinks it is so amazing how quiet and sneaky a big airedale can be. I kinda surprise myself. I have three charms on my collar, big feet and walk on wood floors. But when I want to sneak into something, I'm almost like a ghost figure. I have an obsession with tags and stuffies. I know where there are alot of them hiding.

Right up there, on top of this tall bed. My boy likes stuffies as well. Mom caught on and started burrying his stuffies under the covers and then tucking those covers under the mattress. Well I wasn't gonna let her win. I had my strategy all planned out. I know how engrossed mom gets when sitting in front of this computer. Quietly I sneak right past the room she is in and creep up on that tall bed. I then proceed to pull down the covers. Woohoo....stuffies! I slide, yes, litterally slide off the bed (I'm not a jumper) and walk past mom again and proceed to take the stuffies into the family room. Guess what I do? I pull the tags off!! I bet alot of you think I'm silly for not going for the stuffing, but those tags just do it for me.

I just chew on them a bit. I don't destroy my boys' stuffies. In fact, when he comes home from school, I greet him proudly at the door with one :)
Mom went and bought me a new stuffless stuffie. What in the world?

Mom, it doesn't have any tags!!

Was very sweet of her to buy a new toy, but you know what, I'd like a bag full of tags better.

whaa ha ha, I just snuck in here and took both of her shoes without her knowing it!! They were sitting right next to the chair she is sitting in. Am I good or what?