Thursday, August 12, 2010

Such a Tease!

I spy a sku-a-whirl!! Oh yea, I'm gonna get me this one. I have that feeling. I know it's my lucky day!

Okay, he's laying low......he thinks he is hiding but I'm too good....I can spot him!

I know I saw that darn, pesky, chattering, fuzzy tailed squirrel here. I know I did!

"MOM! Make them stop!"

Those darn squirrels, I know they are laughing at me!


  1. They run amuck in our yard too, Rudy! They seem to be out of control!
    You and Mitch look like you both have the same length tail!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. oma said......
    I think rudy ? pretty soon you will have a new friend. She is pretty and very playful but not very bright. and her name is " ZOE "

  3. Hey Rudy we gots a squirrel too. His name is Timmy. He stays juuuuuussssttttt our of reach on the tree and says HBO words at us. Then he runs along the wire and schmurks. Maybe you gots Timmy's bruvver?

    Bobo and Meja

  4. We'd better tell you before someone else does. In their version. We think squirrels (and rabbits and chipmunks and deer and even kitties) are nice to have as friends. We hope that doesn't make you think we are weird. And we hope you still want to be our friend. Even if we don't have much of a prey instinct.

    (Someone has to be gentle and sensitive, right?)

    Your new friends (we hope)
    Jake (and Fergi)

  5. That's funny you say that Jake and Fergi because my wire sister Molly is friends with them, just like you! They(squirrels and rabbits) do not run away when she is outside because they know she will not come after them! Of course I want to be your friends, sillies!!! I'm just a big boy that tries to act mean...grrr, but mom says I'm a gentle giant(8 mos and 53 lbs)!
    Your FRIEND,

  6. You are tooooo cute, Rudy! We have evil skwerrels around here too! And guess what! Our mom feeds the evil critters! When they run out of food, they come up on OUR deck and scratch at the windows. You should hear the commotion! Our mom is always afraid one of us will go right through a window!

    Penny & Patches