Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home sweet home ?

Wow, what a ride this 8 months has been! I am 8 months old and have been through more than most old dogs have been, majority of it wasn't very good. But now, I have an owner! No, it's not written under my paw, I just know. I've been a very good boy they keep telling me. I'm just a big scaredy cat... there are so many noises, movements, things to get use to inside a home! I tell ya what, when the air conditioner kicks, oh my word....I jump out of my skin and run for the crate! Then I went nosing around and there was something they called the fireplace...well, it has a big airedale inside....yep, saw it with own eyes...and you guessed it, I jumped off the ground and ran. There is air shooting out of the ground in same places and that kinda freaks me out too. But on the other hand, home is nice. I get petted and told I'm pretty. I get fed real dog food and treats. Mom told me I'm very smart because I've already learned to sit and stay for meals and treats :) yay for me. The scariest thing in my home is my wicked furry step-sister. She is tiny but fierce, just look at her! She's the one with white fur, I'm the big handsome one with brown/black fur. But....even with these drawbacks, I think I love it here!


  1. this will be fun to follow, Pat! uhhhh, I mean RUDY! thanks for sharing! He is beautiful.

  2. Can't wait to read about your adventures, Rudy! I just know you're going to love your new family and bring them so much joy!


  3. Welcome to your new home Rudy, I can't wait to meet you.

  4. Hey, RU-DY! As soon as I heard, I had to bounce right over and welcome you to blogging. I know you'll have lots of fun making new friends all around the world. If you don't mind, I'll give you a bit of mention on my blog and send some pups right over to meet you!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell, Cap and Glynn
    (three crazy wire fox terriers from Henryetta!)

  5. Oh boy! Another coupl'a rough coats. And one of you rescued, at that! We're mighty happy to meet you ... saw mention of you on our friend Tell's blog. And not too far away from us, either!

    We just got back home from a LONG summer away ... and now we're busy getting ready to send our NinaGirl off to college. But once life settles down (and Moma suffers what we keep hearing about ... empty nest) we'll be back in full force. Happy happy happy to get to know another dale and his wirey sis.

    Calling Colorado home,
    Jake and Fergi