Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rough Day

This my friends is Brody, my wirefox brother I never got to meet. Brody crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past May 27th. He was 13 1/2 years old. Mom says he was a clown and an awesome dog, she called him her shadow because he followed her everywhere. She's been sad the past couple of days because tomorrow, Nov 28th is Brody's birthday. I know she still misses him bunches because she calls me Brody sometimes. I answer, I don't mind. She loves me bunches too! I just hope mom doesn't stay sad for too many more days, it makes me sad.

Brody loved the water and playing with my boy. Those two had grand times together. But now~~my boy has ME!!
Happy Birthday Brody. I know you are celebrating in a grand way over the bridge. We love and miss you.

On a much much happier note~~I went walking with my real brother Jordy today and a 5 month old pup named Darcy. It was so much fun. Below is a picture of those beautiful pups. Jordy leaves tomorrow for Amarillo, TX to live in a foster home. So happy he'll be out of that kennel. And Miss Darcy leaves tomorrow for her furever home in Vegas! Best wishes to you both! May you both have a very long and happy life! xoxo


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Guess what~~I'm ONE! I celebrated my first birthday with mom, dad, my boy and furry sister Molly.

Oh my, how embarrassing!! Can you believe that goofy hat mom made me wear?? I wasn't enjoying that part of the celebration very much. I kept trying to get that darn thing off my head so dad stepped in and took a hold of my collar so mom could get some "cute" pictures.

And take a look at all these special birthday treats!! Oh yum yum yummy!!! For that I guess that hat was worth it. And not to worry, mom didn't let me eat all that in one day. Mom said these treats are from a dog bakery here in town and I'm so hoping she makes frequent trips there from now on.

Then we went outside and played with a new toy. I LOVE that toy, it is so cool. I think it's pretty Rudy proof too ;)

I really need to learn to sit still so dad doesn't have to hang on, that is pretty silly of me.......but I was just so excited and wanted to just chow that deliciousness before me.
Thanks mom, dad and boy. The past 3 months have been the best months of my life. I always wished for a birthday celebration like this.
Oh and happy birthday Noah. Noah, from the blog Noah's Bark has the same birthday as me, November 15th!
Love and kisses,