Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh me Oh my!

My mom LOVES shoes! She has oh, I don't know how many pair but it's so many they all don't fit in her closet. They come in all colors and flavors...ummm...I mean styles. Well, guess who also has a love for shoes? It'd be ME!!
I don't care if the shoe is on someone's foot

or if I meander over to the smorgasboard of shoes and pull out a favorite, like this nice worn one. Hmm, must be one of mom's favorite's too

One day mom came home from an outting and found this fine collection of shoes on her bed....haha. I was rather impressed with the collection myself. None of them even had slobber on them!

I've never totally destroyed any shoe~~~~yet. The most damage done has been a shoelace sawed in half. But of all the shoes I've tried, I think these Kamiks are my most favorite. You tug and pull on the straps and they make this loud rrrrip sound. I LOVE IT! Oh mama, I'm so sorry, but I don't think this fascination with shoes is gonna end any time soon.
Love, Rudy


  1. Hey! That VERY white ankle looks very familar! I can confirm that you don't care if the shoe is on OR off Mr. Rudy...

  2. When you're finished snacking on shoes at your house, you can come to ours, Rudy! Our dad has a shoe collection like your mom does! His are mostly Danskos!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hi there. We've just come over from Tell's blog and had to immediately sign up as followers of course.
    You look right down our alley.
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  4. G'day Rudy mate,
    My name is Noah and I'm an airedale from Australia. I have 2 airesisters Willow & Tess and an airecross sister called Lucy.
    Our blog is Come visit us if ya can.